Terms & Conditions

All services

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. They’re really important and allow me to keep my business running. Thank you.

  • A deposit must be paid in order to secure an appointment date and time.
  • Appointments will only be held for 24 hours once the deposit has been requested.
  • Deposits to be paid via BACS or PayPal transfer only


Service Agreement

A tailor-made Service Agreement (price & terms and conditions) will be emailed to each client from halimakeup@live.co.uk

Please read this thoroughly as it will require action.

Confirmation of booking

Booking dates are not held until a signed ‘Service Agreement’ has been received (agreement by return email accepted*) and the deposit has been paid.

*To help clarify, replying to the ‘Service Agreement’ email with an agreement to proceed with placing the booking will be accepted. Booking agreements must be sent to halimakeup@live.co.uk

Deposit obligations

The deposit amount and due date will be detailed in the ‘Service Agreement’.

The deposit must be paid to the BACS/PayPal accounts supplied within 5 working days of receipt of the ‘Service Agreement’.

Failure to pay the required deposit within the time frame will result in the termination of the booking, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the supplier and the client.

Termination of the booking due to a failure to pay the deposit will be made in writing by email after 5 working days.

After a booking has been terminated the availability of dates can no longer be guaranteed.

Pricing obligations

Prices agreed at the confirmation of booking cannot be reduced at a later date.

If a bridal party reduces in size, the original agreed price will be upheld in order to cover loss of business.