Makeup workshops

There are two options to choose from for your party or get together.

Makeup masterclass

In this session you can watch as I create a makeup look of your choice on either a model or a guest at the party.

There will be detailed discussion throughout, on both the products and brushes as well as the makeup techniques I use.

Notepads & pens will also be provided for all guests and there will be time at the end for additional questions.

Makeup workshop

Makeup workshops are set up in the same way as my masterclasses but with this option you’ll also have time to practice either skin makeup or eye makeup on yourselves afterwards.

I’ll be there to guide you and make sure you leave feeling confident with your new found techniques.


Makeup masterclass – £35 per person / 3hrs

Makeup workshop – £40 per person / 4hrs.

Additional information

If you wish to have a model for the makeup demonstration an extra cost of £20 will be added.

Travel costs will also apply if you would like the workshop to take place at your home.

£10 within a 10 mile radius of my location. £1 per mile in addition thereafter.

*When making your enquiry to book a workshop please state which option you wish to book.

If you book a makeup workshop please state if you would like to practice skin makeup or eye makeup.